Minecraft Pocket Edition: Alien Creeper Add-On

This is a brand new add-on called Alien Creeper Add-on. This addon turns the normal creeper into an even creeper version of itself. It’s basically a purple, four-legged creature with two antennas and it’s called the Alien Creeper. The Alien Creeper is rumored to be from another planet called Creeptus, but no one knows for sure. Even though it’s scarier and more powerful than a normal creeper it is actually completely non-hostile towards players. Enjoy playing! Creator: CheeteTwitter Account

How does it work?

The Alien Creeper is a friendly version of the creeper which will help the player fight all kinds of hostile monsters. However, it’s still a wild mob in that sense that it can’t be tamed. An Alien Creeper is naturally hostile toward all kinds of dangerous mobs and this includes mobs like the cave spider. If it sees one it will quickly run towards it (or teleport) and then explode. The explosion is bigger than a normal creeper explosion and it also causes fire.


Minecraft Pocket Edition: Alien Creeper Add-On Showcase:

1. Download Alien Creepers Add-On here!

2. Download Alien Creeper Resource Pack here!

3. Activate the packs for a world in-game

4. Have fun!