Minecraft Pocket Edition: All Mobs Rideable Add-On

This is a brand new add-on which allows you to ride all mobs. This add-on is called All Mobs Rideable Add-on. This add-on makes it possible to ride most of the mobs in-game. A great part is that you don’t need any item to control them. Just point in the direction you wanna go and press forward. Some of the mobs are much faster than their original speed. For example, the villager will run like crazy. Replace your horse with a villager, cow or maybe even a creeper!

How to use?

It works just the same way as to riding a horse. Once you’ve mounted a mob then simply press any of the movements keys to move. Most mobs are rideable except for pigs and maybe a few others. The guardian is probably my favorite. Even though the controls aren’t as precise as the other mobs it will actually go in the direction you point.


Minecraft Pocket Edition: All Mobs Rideable Add-On Showcase:

1. Download All Mobs Rideable Add-on here!

2. Apply packs for world

3. Have fun!