Minecraft Pocket Edition: Astronomic Expansion Add-On

This is a brand new add-on called Astronomic Expansion add-on. This is the first addon to implement customized behaviors for eight new items in-game. Most of the items enable some kind of extra ability. For example, the Panic Necklace will give you an incredible speed boost and the Elytra Starter will boost you up into the sky towards the stars. A great thing is that neither of the new items replace any vanilla items! Enjoy playing!

How to use?

The Astronomic Items can be obtained by trading with an Astronomer or the Magician. They are new villager types which can be found spawning in villages. They are dressed the same way as a Cleric.

You can also use the following text chat command to obtain the items: /give @p yellow_flower 1 [1-8]


List of New Items & Behaviors

All of the following items are sold by the Astronomer. Most of the new items provide the player a new ability while holding it.

  • Astronomic Items (Astronomer Villager)
    • Star Powder – The Astronomer can craft multiple of them into a Fallen Star. It can be used on zombies to turn them into Galactic Zombie bosses.
    • Fallen Star – Base ingredient for all other items.
    • Star Sword – Deals 10 attack damage and boosts your health and speed.
    • Shield – You can’t die while holding this item. However, you’re speed is drastically decreased.
    • Umbrella – Reduces your gravity while holding it. This means you won’t die from fall damage.
    • Fire Amulet – Immune to fire damage while holding it.
    • Elytra Starter – Launcher you into the air if you jump while holding it. Switch to another item to stop the boost.
    • Panic Necklace – Speed boost while holding it.
  • Magic Items (Magician Villager)
    • Vampire Potion – Hold the item in your hand when it’s night to turn into a vampire! (+3 hearts, +2 damage, increased speed)
    • Werewolf Potion – Hold the item in your hand during the night to turn into a werewolf! (Night: +5 hearts, +4 attack damage, increased speed & saturation. Day: -2 hearts)

There is no way to undo your transformations (e.g. werewolf or vampire) at the moment.

Here I first used the Elytra Starter to boost myself up into the air. I then switched to the Umbrella item to fall safely down to the ground.

Minecraft Pocket Edition: Astronomic Expansion Add-On Showcase:


1. Download Astronomic Expansion Add-On here!

2. Apply packs for world

3. Have fun!