Minecraft Pocket Edition: More Chairs Add-On Download

This brand new add-on will make it possible to have a lot more chairs in your Minecraft world. Also, this is the first furniture add-on for Minecraft Pocket Edition. It adds 9 chairs and all of them can be used to sit on. It should be mentioned that this mod some of the current mobs in-game but the great benefit is that you’ll get 9 awesome chairs which you can use to decorate your worlds!

How to use?

Each chair replaces a mob. To spawn a chair you will need to use one of the following spawn eggs.

(Make sure your difficulty in-game is set to max! Otherwise you might not be able to spawn them.)

  • Log = Pig
  • Birch Chair = Skeleton
  • Office Chair = Wither Skeleton
  • Acacia Chair = Stray
  • Red Chair = Creeper
  • Bar Stool = Zombie Pigman
  • Wooden Bar Stool = Husk
  • Purple Pillow = Villager
  • Beach Chair =  Witch

Minecraft Pocket Edition: More Chairs Add-On Showcase:

1. Download More Chairs Add-on here!

2. Download More Chairs Resource Pack here!

3. Apply packs for world

4. Have fun!