Minecraft Pocket Edition: Dev Edition Add-On

This is a brand new add-on called dev edition add-on. This addon adds concepts for features which yet don’t exist and it also reveals a very few features which does exists but are hidden. Most of them are not functional. This means that you can’t actually enable the options. It’s more just a visual thing to provide you with an idea for new features. The only working features appear to be the Max Framerate (FPS) option and the disable beta text option. Creators: JY GamingMC (Twitter)Sprintermax (Twitter)

All options

Once again, I would like to clarify that the majority of the following settings are none functional! Functional features are marked with bold.

Keyboard and Mouse, Controller Settings:

  • VR UI Mouse Sensitivity
  • VR Sensitivity
  • VR Auto Jump

Profile Settings:

Video Settings:

  • Toggle Fullscreen
  • VR Gamma
  • Toggle Fancy Leaves
  • VR Hide GUI
  • VR Render Distance
  • Max Framerate (functional)
  • Particle Render Distance
  • VR Particle Render Distance
  • 3D Rendering
  • VR Mirror Texture

VR Settings:

  • Comfort Controls
  • Show Comfort Select Screen
  • VR Living Room Cursor Centered
  • VR Linear Jump
  • VR Linear Motion
  • Sticky Mining
  • Sticky Mining Hand
  • VR HUD Drifts
  • VR Turning Options
  • VR Head Steering
  • Stutter Turn
  • Stutter Constant Angle or Time
  • Stutter Turn Sound
  • VR Roll Turning
  • VR Hand Controls Item
  • VR Hand Controls HUD
  • VR Hand Pointer
  • VR Hands Visible

Debug Settings:

The following options will most likely only be available for the developers. When the creator was editing the settings files he noticed that there is an option for F3 (debug UI) which is implemented but ignored. He tried to unlock this feature but was unable to do so.

  • Offers Unlock
  • Render bounding box
  • Render Paths
  • Render goal state
  • Reset client ID
  • Show chunk map
  • Enable debug HUD (partly functional, set this option to Basic and you will disable the white beta text in the top center of the screen)
  • Enable Profiler
  • Achievements always enabled
  • Use local server
  • Use IPv6 Only
  • Use FPS-independent Turning
  • Use Retail XBL sandbox
  • Create realm without purchase
  • Realms Enviroment
  • Realms endpoint
  • Realms Endpoint Payment
  • Realms Relying Party
  • Realms Relying Party Payment

Volume Settings:

  • Master Volume
  • Weather Volume
  • Hostile Creatures Volume
  • Player Volume
  • Jukebox and Note Block Volume
  • Block Volume
  • Friendly Creatures Volume
  • Environment Volume

World Settings:

  • Expert difficulty level
  • Gamemodes: spectator, adventure, hardcore
  • Bonus chest
  • Disable structures
  • Custom flat layers
  • World types: large biomes, amplified

The rest you’ll have to check for yourself in-game!


Minecraft Pocket Edition: Dev Edition Add-On Showcase:


1. Download Dev Edition Add-on here!

2. Activate the packs for a world in-game

3. Have fun!