Minecraft Pocket Edition: Dirt Bikes Add-on

This is a brand new add-on for Minecraft Pocket Edition. This amazing add-on will add dirt bikes to your Minecraft world which you can ride and use yourself. The model for the bike looks very realistic and it exists as 10 different colors. The dirt bike is quite fast and works great on rough terrains. It’s really a neat upgrade from riding on horses (and occasionally pigs) which I truly recommend trying out.

Minecraft Pocket Edition: Dirt Bikes Add-on Showcase:

You can download the bikes in pairs: black and white, green and orange, lime and green, purple and yellow and red and blue.

Step 1Download Dirt Bikes Add-On Behaviour Pack

Step 2: Download one of these packs:

Download Black and White Bikes

Download Green and Orange Bikes

Download Red and Blue Bikes

Download Lime and Green Bikes

Download Purple and Yellow Bikes

Step 3: Activate the two packs for a world in-game