Minecraft Pocket Edition: Modern Decorations Add-On

This is a brand new add-on called Modern Decorations Add-On. This is an addon for all of you builders out there who want to expand their amount of blocks which they can use for decorative purposes. It adds a total of 42 new blocks and none of them will replace any of the used blocks in-game. The blocks are best suitable for modern builds since they include things such as a TV and an oven. Enjoy playing!

How to use?

You can obtain the modern decoration blocks by trading with a builder. The builder is a new type of villager which can be found spawning in villages. You need to trade with a builder several times to improve your reputation and ultimately be able to trade all of his different blocks.

It’s also possible to obtain the blocks by using the following text commands:

  • /give @p sandstone 1 3+ (don’t include the ‘+’ symbol in the command)
  • /give @p stone 1 7+
  • /give @p fence 1 6-15

The blocks include everything from modern kitchenware and TVs to fancy wool and stone blocks. Neither of the blocks have any functionalities besides decoration.

Here is a list of all the new blocks:

  • New variants for andesite, granite and diorite
  • 16 new types of wool (for each color)
  • 10 new fences (matching the wool colors)
  • New stone block known as Basalt
  • Basalt comes in multiple different variants such as ore, pillar, chiseled and smooth
  • Lots of new decorative blocks such as a TV, shelves, an oven and more

Minecraft Pocket Edition: Modern Decorations Add-On Showcase:

1. Download Modern Decorations Add-On here!

2. Apply packs for world

3. Have fun!