Minecraft Pocket Edition: Protective Turrets Add-On (v2)

This is a brand new add-on called Protective Turrets Add-On. This addon replaces the shulker with multiple different turrets and each is equipped with a unique weapon. The turret is a small weapon mount which houses the mechanism of a projectile-firing weapon. It has a 360-degree viewability which means it can turn in any direction to detect possible hostile mobs. If one is detected it will immediately try to eliminate the target. Creator: Kiritocris55Twitter Account. Enjoy playing!

How does it work?

To get a turret in the Overworld you will need to use the shulker spawn egg. It might be possible to bring a shulker from the End to the Overworld (and here’s a guide for that) but don’t take my word for it.

Standard turrets are purple and that’s how they will initialy look like once you’ve found or spawned one.

Place one down a few of them at some strategic positions and let them deal with the monsters while you are inside sleeping.

The different turrets have different attacks. The green ones shoot large fireballs and as a result I recommend that you place them not too close to your creations to avoid possible accidents.

It’s really the ultimate addon for anyone who want to increase the security for their bases in-game!


Minecraft Pocket Edition: Protective Turrets Add-On Showcase:

1. Download Protective Turrets Add-On here!

2. Download Protective Turrets Resource Pack (NEEDED) here!

3. Activate the packs for a world in-game

4. Have fun!