Minecraft Pocket Edition: RCXD Car Add-On

This is a brand new car type which is an RCXD Car add-on. This add-on replaces two of the mobs in-game with radio-controlled cars. You control an RC car by using the throw mechanism to decide where you want your car to drive. It’s a really fun and creative add-on which never really been done before. The add-on is very well made and includes custom sounds, particles and other cool details. You’ll love it!

How to use?

The radio-controlled cars are sold by vendors in villages. There are two different RC cars each responding to a different controller. (This means it’s friendly for multiplayer!).

Before using an RC car you need to charge it. For that you will need a battery (replaces gold nuggets).

  • iOS / Android: Hold a battery in your hand, long press on the RC car and press Charge
  • Windows 10: Hold a battery and right-click on the RC car to charge it

During the charging process you’ll see some cool particles and hear some sounds. It takes just a few seconds to fully charge.

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1. Download RCXD Car Add-On here!

2. Apply packs for world

3. Have fun!