Minecraft Pocket Edition: Remote Controlled Aircraft Add-On

This is a remote controlled aircraft add-on which is free for download. This is a great add-on which lets you experience (to a quite limited extent at this point) to fly a remote controlled aircraft. The airplane model is almost as big as a real airplane and it is very well designed. You can basically use it for flying except in this case you will be seated outside the aircraft and it will look as if you are controlling it using a remote control. It’s definitely a quite unique add-on with some clever features.

How to use?

The chicken is replaced by a toy aircraft. It’s quite enormous for being just a toy but that makes it more fun, I suppose. Throw some petrol cans (snowballs) at the aircraft to make it start flying. Then quickly grab the remote control and use it on the aircraft to start controlling it. Due to the extreme speed it’s moving upwards it doesn’t seem as if it is moving much forward (or whichever direction you intend to go).

Minecraft Pocket Edition: Remote Controlled Aircraft Add-On Showcase:

1. Download Remote Controlled Aircraft + Resource Pack Add-on here!

2. Apply packs for world

3. Have fun!