Minecraft Pocket Edition: TF2 Engineer Add-On

This add-on implements some of the machines which can be constructed by the Engineer Class in Team Fortress 2. The machines are useful constructions for survival mode if you need something to boost your chances of survival in a certain area. For example, the sentry gun will scan for enemies and shoot them down if they get too close. Creator: Rexiar

How to use?

Toolbox: The Toolbox is the base item which you will need to construct any of the other items. It replaces the shulker. Place it down on the ground where you want your machine to be positioned. (Use the shulker spawn egg in creative mode or type /summon shulker if you’ve cheats enabled in survival mode).

Sentry: The Sentry is a turret with a mounted machine gun. It automatically scans the areas, detect threats and eliminates them. You can build it by using a Lapis Lazuli dye on the Toolbox (Shulker).

Dispenser: This machine heals players, cows, pigs, sheep and chicken by shooting health projectiles at them. You can build it by using a Rose Red dye on the Toolbox (Shulker).

Minecraft Pocket Edition: TF2 Engineer Add-On Showcase:

1. Download TF2 Engineer Add-On here!

2. Download TF2 Engineer Resource Pack here

3. Apply packs for world

4. Have fun!