Minecraft Pocket Edition: The Vampires Add-On

This is a new add-on called the vampires add-on. The Vampire Addon introduces a few new mobs and items to the game. The mobs include three new vampires which are extremely dangerous. All of them are hostile toward any friendly beings they come across. However, they do have a weakness and that’s the daylight. So a great recommendation is to avoid the night and only go out during the day. Creator: ZachMC

How to use?

Here is a list of the new mobs and their abilities.


  • Vampire Source (Zombie): Increased health, attack damage and speed.
  • Vampire (Husk): Increased health damage and speed.
  • Vampire Villager (Zombie Villager): Same stats as the source. Use a Potion of Weaknes and the Healing Star (Nether Star) to cure it.

All of the vampires are hostile toward players and friendly mobs. They are incredibly fast so there’s really little possibilities being able to escape them.


Minecraft Pocket Edition: The Vampires Add-On Showcase:

1. Download Vampires Add-On here!

2. Download Vampires Resource Pack (NEEDED) here!

3. Activate the packs for a world in-game

4. Have fun!