Minecraft Pocket Edition: Throwable Lightsaber Add-On

This is a brand new add-on called Minecraft Pocket Edition: Throwable Lightsaber Add-On. This add-on is definitely a must-have for all of you Star Wars fans out there. It replaces the Trident with an incredible Lightsaber! The Lightsaber has a customized model, textures and even custom sounds. You can also modify upgrade the behaviors by using various different enchantments. This shows another great use case for add-ons – now introducing lightsabers in Minecraft! Enjoy playing!


Creator: Creator: KageprestonTwitter Account, Enjoy playing!

How does it work?

The Trident (which is a new weapon in the latest beta) is replaced by the Lightsaber.

You can obtain the Trident, or now known as the Lightsaber, by creating a new world and selecting Use Experimental Gameplay. Another other option is to install the Trident Enchantments map and apply the add-on to that world.

Here’s a list of the features.

  • Replaces Trident
  • Custom lightsaber sounds
  • Attack damage
    • Melee: 10
    • Throwing: 20
  • Health increased (double) while holding the lightsaber
  • Immune to fire
  • Silverfish and spiders can jump on your back and attack you while you’re holding the lightsaber. You can’t fight back. At this point the only way to get rid of these pests is to drown them or to set yourself on fire
  • Drowned mobs will shoot lightsabers at you
  • As it replaces the Trident you can enchant the weapon. For example, one useful enchantment is Loyalty. This will make the lightsaber return to you after you’ve thrown it. However, normal lightsabers will have to be picked up from the ground when thrown.
  • Important: This add-on requires the latest Minecraft beta. It’s available for Windows 10, Xbox and Android users. Scroll down to the bottom on this page to read more about how to join the latest beta.


Minecraft Pocket Edition: Throwable Lightsaber Add-On Showcase:

1. Download Throwable Lightsaber Add-On here!

2. Download Throwable Lightsaber Resource Pack (NEEDED) here!

3. Activate the packs for a world in-game

4. Have fun!