Minecraft Pocket Edition: Tigers Add-On

This insane new add-on will add tigers to your Minecraft world. This add-on is called Tigers add-on and is free to download. Tigers are beautiful animals in real life which now also can exist in your Minecraft worlds. At the same time that they add another threat your environment, it also comes with some positives. For example, you can tame a tiger and keep it as your loyal pet. It will follow you around and protect you against any threats.

How to tame a tiger?

You can tame a tiger to be your obedient pet, but you can only tame babies. It behaves very similar to a wolf except that it will be more aggressively spontaneous so be careful if you want to avoid deadly accidents. (Feed it more meat to accelerate the growth progress. It replaces pigs.) But for the most part you will notice multiple benefits of owning a tiger. For example, it will always attack anything that you are attacking such as spiders.


More info?

  • Replaces pigs
  • Drops 0 – 2 raw tiger meat
  • Custom sounds
  • Custom item names
  • Spawn chance
    • Normal tiger: 90%
    • White tiger: 10%
  •  Baby
    • Wild
      • Health: 5 hearts
      • Passive
      • Tameable with any type of raw meat or fish
    • Tamed
      • Health: 7.5 hearts
      • Passive
  • Adult
    • Wild
      • Health: 15 hearts
      • Attack damage: 4 – 7
      • Attacks players, cows, sheep, horses, mules, donkeys, villagers, polar bears and undeads if they are hungry or if a player get too close to a cub
    • Tamed
      • Health: 20 hearts
      • Follows and protects its owner
      • Attacks cows and sheep when they are hungry

Minecraft Pocket Edition: Tigers Add-On Showcase:


1. Download Tigers Add-On here!

2. Download Tigers Add-On Resource pack (NEEDED) here!

3. Apply packs for world

4. Have fun!