Minecraft Pocket Edition: Trading Cards Add-On

This is a brand new add-on called trading cards add-on. This add-on implements 14 new trading cards to the game which is perfect if you are looking for a new and fun challenge. Some cards require that you kill certain mobs while others require a bit more work of getting. Can you collect them all? Most of the cards can be obtained by killing the different hostile mobs in-game. For example, to obtain a Zombie Card you will need to kill zombies. It can take several kills before a mob drops a card.

How to use?

Here is a list of all cards which you can collect.

  • Starter Cards:
    • Creeper Card – dropped by Creepers
    • Zombie Card – dropped by Zombies
    • Spider Card – dropped by Spiders
    • Skeleton Card – dropped by Skeletons
    • Slime Card – trade with the Collector
  • Nether Cards:
    • Blaze Card – dropped by Blazes
    • Ghast Card – dropped by Ghasts
    • Magma Cube Card – dropped by Magma Cubes
    • Zombie Pigman Card – trade with the Collector
  • Rare Cards:
    • Guardian Card – treasure from fishing
    • Villager Card – trade with the Collector
    • Wither Card – trade with the Collector (requires a Nether Star)
    • Ender Dragon Card – trade with the Collector (requires a Dragon Egg)

Some cards such as the Rare Cards can only be obtained by doing certain tasks, e.g. fishing or trading with the Collector.

The Collector is a new villager type which trades with cards. Some of your cards can be exchanged for valuable items such as gold ingots

Minecraft Pocket Edition: Trading Cards Add-On Showcase:

1. Download Trading Cards Add-On here!

2. Download Trading Cards Add-On (Resource Pack) here!

3. Apply packs for world

4. Have fun!