Minecraft Pocket Edition: Zeppelin Add-On

This is a brand new add-on called Zeppelin Add-On. A Zeppelin is an aircraft which principle utilization is for transportation via air. It got space for only one player and you can likewise bring some nourishment or different things on your outings since there’s a little stockpiling holder locally available. It’s truly a definitive vehicle for investigating and to encounter the excellence of nature in Minecraft. Enjoy playing!

Creator: Gona. Twitter

You can discover Zeppelins generating in fields biomes and backwoods (since they supplant chickens). However, you can likewise utilize the Zeppelin generate egg to bring forth one.

Make a point to sit down inside the Zeppelin before you take off starting from the earliest stage. (Toss a petroleum can (replaces snowballs) at the Zeppelin to make it begin flying.)

  • iOS/Android: Long push on the vehicle and press Ride
  • Windows 10: Right-tap on the vehicle to ride it

Grasp an iron sword to control the vehicle. You can top it off with gas by tossing more petroleum jars at the vehicle. The stock of the Zeppelin can be gotten to in air by opening the typical stock. You can likewise get to it by sneaking, long press and clicking “Open”.

General Information

  • Replaces chickens
  • Wellbeing: 20 hearts
  • 27 stockpiling openings
  • Begin flying by tossing oil jars at it
  • Hold press sword to control it

Minecraft Pocket Edition: Zeppelin Add-On Showcase:

1. Download Zeppelin Add-On here!

2. Activate the packs for a world in-game

3. Have fun!